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KingsIsle Digital Gift Code - $10



Product overview

Let the adventures begin!

KingsIsle games are rich virtual worlds of wonder that are fun for players of all ages.

This game card is good for 1 month unlimited access to one KingsIsle online game or 5,000 Crowns that can be used to buy in-game items or unlock premium zones and a unique pet.

  • Membership allows access to all premium zones all the time
  • Crowns allow players to purchase and play premium zones one at a time
  • Adventure and explore worlds in the Spiral!
  • 1. Go to 2. Login or create a new account 3. Enter the PIN Code as directed 4. Follow the on-screen instructions to play!
  • Terms & Conditions
    KingsIsle games are played online. An internet connection is required to play, and some providers charge a fee for this access. This PIN Code may be redeemed to pay the transaction fees for playing Wizard101, or to buy in-game currency to be used in the Wizard101 world environment, but may not be used for your internet access fees. The PIN Code will be redeemed for the full face value and cannot carry a balance. The PIN Code is not redeemable for cash. Do not use the PIN Code until told to do so online. No refunds or exchanges will be given if the code has been used. All use of this PIN Code is subject to these terms and conditions, and any online terms and conditions at Void where prohibited.