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Xbox The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: Blackwood Digital Code



Product overview


From walls of the Imperial city of Leyawiin, first featured in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, to the murky bogs of Shadowfen, explore the mysterious region of Blackwood and uncover the Daedric plot at its heart. 

Experience BLACKWOOD and Elder Scroll Online's newest features like:

  • Blackwood Zone
  • Companions System
  • Part of the "Gates of Oblivion" storyline
  • Rockgrove 12-player Trial
  • Oblivion Portal World Events
  • Delves, Public Dungeons, & World Bosses
  • Collectibles, Crafting Motifs, & Gear


The Longhouse Emperors have made a pact with the Prince of Destruction, and all of Tamriel is threatened by their ambition! Delve into the schemes of would-be tyrants in a new main storyline that's part of the larger Gates of Oblivion adventure. 


Never adventure alone again. Choose a Companion to fight alongside you, keep you company, and tell new stories as you grow your friendships with all-new and unique characters ready to aid you in your quests. 


  • A NEW TRIAL: ROCKGROVE - Retake the village of Rockgrove from Daedric-worshipping Argonians in a new 12-player Trial. Battle through the town and put a stop to the invading tribe's rituals before they can call forth Mehrune Dagon's great army.
  • NEW WORLD EVENTS: OBLIVION PORTALS - Enter the Oblivion Portals, scattered throughout the region of Blackwood, fight your way to their heart, and shut down these mysterious Daedric constructs, lest they engulf all of Tamriel in flame.
  • NEW REWARDS: LOST RELICS OF BLACKWOOD - Earn, unlock, and loot a huge selection of Oblivion-touched rewards found within Blackwood and beyond. Acquire six powerful new gear sets, a host of dark collectibles, Achievements, items, and more!
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