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New Releases

With Xbox Wallet Top-Ups you can get the latest games directly from the Xbox Store.


With Xbox Wallet Top-Ups, you can Pre-order the latest releases, such as Halo Infinite to ensure you're ready as soon as it launches.

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Ensure you're always ready for the latest drop of Fortnite items, or maybe Warzone is more your thing, with Wallet Top-Ups, you're ready for anything.

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Xbox Series S

You can use Xbox Wallet Top-Ups to purchase much more than just games, such as the Xbox Series S console directly from the Microsoft Store.


Xbox Design Lab

Use your Xbox Wallet Top-Ups to purchase your very own customised Xbox Controller.

See where inspiration takes you.


Xbox Gear

Use your Xbox Wallet Top-Ups to purchase your very own Xbox Hoodies, T-Shirts, Stickers and much more.


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